Service Desk

The highlights of the Service Desk are:

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) based service desk
  • Technical Help Desk
  • L1, L2, L3 Support for Network, Servers and Desktop
  • Support for various Application Servers, MS and Linux Platforms
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Management
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • 24*7 Onsite / Offsite Support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Based Services
  • Resource Trained as per Client Requirement
  • Sufficient Backup Resources

Dab Service Desk Services—making users and IT more productive

Service Desk Services provides your users a single point of contact for all IT-related questions, incidents and requests. With our service, your users access support in the most efficient way possible, to get them back to work as quickly as possible. Contact options include phone, email, or chat.
When users access more efficient contact channels, it can drive down your cost. So we offer ways to take full advantage of all contact options and the self-service features. This helps you drive better productivity and lower overall costs.
Service Desk Services provides high-quality, consistent support wherever users are. From high touch phone support to efficient new ways for users to get help. Dab lets you drive overall cost savings to new levels. We work with you to meet your business goals and we bring you the innovation to transform your support and provide users a new level of service desk experience.

Technical support

Service Desk agents have the talent and knowledge to help users with all IT issues and requests. Their ongoing training, access to highly qualified knowledge and industry-leading tools let them resolve issues quickly and get users back to work.
Skilled agents and self-service capabilities offer users expert assistance in using supported off-the-shelf software and common IT devices. We can also support custom applications using scripts and answers you provide. In addition, agents can remotely access the user's desktop to investigate or resolve incidents as if they were sitting together.

Service request processing

When users need to purchase, install, move, add, change or de-install (IMACD) hardware or software, they can turn to the Dab Service Desk. As their single point of contact, we initiate the process on their behalf whether the request comes in through an automated process or agent assisted channel.
An agent may handle the request on the first contact. Or, using workflows you define, it may be routed through the approval process and to the team responsible for performing the work. Service request processing makes it easy to equip newly-hired employees and to respond to on-going workplace changes. There's only one contact to make. And the user can instantly find the approval and fulfilment status of their request.

Multiple contact channels

Users can access quality support through many channels. Agents assist them on the phone, using chat, and even when incidents or questions are submitted through email or via the web. Our expert assistance is always available and users can always find a way that best fits their schedule and personal preferences.

Solution adoption
Any changes you make to the Service Desk options or processes directly impact your users. You need them to readily and quickly accept the changes and modify their behavior to adopt the new model. When users are prepared for the changes, when the organization is aligned, and when the culture is respected in the transformation, your Service Desk implementations will be much more successful.
We employ management-of-change principles and industry best practices to help your organization adopt and adapt to the new system. Our veteran change leaders apply their experience to your unique culture and strategy. They work with you to create a detailed action plan that clearly identifies and mitigates risks, avoids common pitfalls and provides insights and guidance to help your program achieve the expected business benefits.

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