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About Dab Technologies

Dab is serving products, consulting services, and solutions to the customers in networking, securities, data centre infrastructure, based on cutting edge, and industry standards. Dab is fortunate to gain myriad opportunities to serve in various sectors, mainly government, IT/ITeS, BFSI, Educational, Telecom and Manufacturing sectors.

So far we are expanding and successfully helping our clients all over grow their firm with our best and expert services and solutions.

With dedicated and skilled teams of professionals with relevant experience, Dab has evolved to be one of the most successful IT solutions providers in India. Our products and services have been true with respect to all quality and industry standards.

We have large reach in working profiles such as telecom, computer networking, computing sector, virtualization, software and website development with customization, system integration, storage, data centre, computer securities and many more. These different divisions are equally planned, customized and executed for customers.

Our commitment is to serve all that a customer demands for their business and to responsibly top the profit and growth chart of the business. It’s been years of true hard work and allegiance that we stand strong today and keep advancing solely for you and with you!

Our Values

MISSION: To enable our clients to maximize their business success and growth by delivering innovative, reliable and consistently excellent consulting, technology, solutions, products and services throughout the tie up

VISION: To become the most preferred organization in the field of consulting, technology, solutions, products and services

VALUES: We follow Customer centric approach. Our best in class solutions and services in consulting, technology, solutions and services highly results in achieving desired business objectives that our clients aim for. Our priority is to always value our clients and their satisfaction.

Our Strengths

  • Ability to deliver high-quality services and solutions
  • Domain Knowledge with right expertise
  • Implementation of projects successfully on time and within budget
  • Highly skilled and hard working professionals team

Strategic Objectives

  • To maintain a long-term relationship with our customers.
  • To expand our expertise and broaden our offerings to congregate the growing needs of our customers.
  • Fulfilling our responsibilities and building a better and stronger company for future generations.
  • Growing the Dab brand by meeting the expectations of the stakeholders and by developing our people and helping improve communities all over.
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent in the industry for the growth of our business and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Why DAB?

The main objective of Dab Technologies is customers satisfaction, then be it in any sector. We work our best to bring out the best for your business!

Our wide spectrum of technological verticals gives you multiple choices to grow your business and profits. We believe in consistency and perfection. Task we work on is never taken for granted. This has been our secret to success and customers growth in business they own. Our working fields and profiles may vary and are plenty in number, but for each profile we have equal focus and dedication.

It is not just the duty or work for us to complete the project or task; instead it urges us always to get maximum outcome for your business. The solutions and services we provide are timely updated as per customers demand and convenience. Our team comprises of experienced professionals and hard working members who strive to their best in the work assigned. Up till date, satisfied customers reviews, zero complaints, repetitive bonding and projects of customer under us, is the proof we value your wishes and motto you bear for your business.

We believe in regular interaction with you throughout the tie up or partnership in every medium; be it face to face or telephonic. We do not compromise in case of government rules and regulations. We do not support any sort of violation of rules and regulations. We make sure that we provide equal and above ROI and value for your investment done. We offer total flexibility and liberty for you to know the planning, processing and operations carried in the deal done with you

With you, we grow! Every step forward we take, it makes us more knowledgeable and successful and thus, our performance keeps on enhancing.



We bring for our clients number of services and solutions ranging from small to large, from individual to collaborative, to help your business run smoothly and productively. Our service desk is always willingly ready to tackle any queries, answer requests and issues you are facing. Our clients can freely contact our service desk via email, chat or calls. This results in delay free working of your firm. If you choose us your service provider, you will genuinely find difference in a positive way that is increased productivity, accomplishments on your fingertips, lowered costs and expenditures, benefits of our services being pocket friendly, easy to access and consistent support throughout the partnership.

Technical support

Our technical support team analyzes and solves technical issues and put the workforce back to work. We take your every technical queries and requests into consideration with total support for custom applications using scripts and data you avail to us. Our technical support members can access the user's desktop to resolve and make the technical situation stable and look after failure incidents if any and all this can be done from long distance or without face to face meet ups


All your IT related queries and requests are subject to being prioritized by us once we partner with you. We work according to all IT policies and procedures so as to keep you notified and drive your business a level up through our services. Any IT related issues, may it be in computer hardware, software, telecom and many more, Dab is ready with solutions at instance.

Project Management

Once we partner with you for project management service, you don’t need to worry anymore about planning the project and managing resources. We give a fresh perspective to your project through our skilled and experienced project management team. We utilize and explore every possible tool and approaches such as PR to make your project grand and successful.


Are you an organization that is aiming to be more productive? You want to manage finances by cutting costs and gaining profit? Consultation can serve as a great medium to do so. Our consultation service comes out of utter experience and great skilled members and their strategies for management in any of your business kind and sector. Join us and experience the change through our services.


Our team carefully examines, evaluates and manages all organizational assets such as financial statements, accounts, auditing of virtual system etc. we provide total transparency and fair evaluations in auditing. We understand the importance of audit in any organization and thus, give you total accuracy and crystal clear representations.

Customer Service Support

Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) based service desk.
L1, L2, L3 Support for Network, compute & storage platforms.
Technical Operations Center (TOC) Management.
24x7 Onsite / Offsite Support.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Based Services.
Resource Trained as per Client Requirement / Need Assessment.
Sufficient Backup Resources.
Integration and management for infrastructure.
Backbone Management.


We offer solutions covering a list of needs that various IT companies may have. Check them below.

Computer Networking

The requirements, methods, resources of every organization will relate mutually to variant networking solutions. One searches for kind of solution that shall help their business stay productive. This also applies when it comes to drive the employees to work efficiently, help lower the cost and expenses, increase outcome on investments done, improves security parameters, magnify the customer service and be more flexible in working profiles. We majorly consider your demands and views while planning a network solution for you. Moreover we try to keep it budgeted and compatible to your business nature.

 Routing and switching 
 Wireless networking
 Cloud services
 WAN service and optimization
 LAN, WAN, Designing, Deployment and Management
 RADIUS Solutions
 Bandwidth Management  IPAM Solutions  Network Monitoring  

Computer Securities

Privacy spoofing, Identity and Information theft, Piracy, hacking, Eavesdropping Structured and unstructured attacks and many more threats are a big concern in today’s networking world. All personal informational assets are at high risk if not secured. In market, one can find many security options to safeguard their business, but one should not forget what the security policy covers and offers. Dab provides myriad security policy that includes internal and external threat coverage. It takes into consideration every internet risk so that the user freely expands his business.


 Managed Security Services
 Enterprise Integrated Security Solutions
 Vulnerability Assessment and Fixing


Dab Technologies provides all virtualization solutions such as hardware virtualization, desktop virtualization and other types of virtualization. One can have total converged control, proficiency, and other significant benefits such as lower capital cost, scalability, no more monthly tangled operational expenses and virtual resourcefulness through innovative virtualized environments that our experienced team promises to provide.


 Server Consolidationg 
 Storage virtualization
 Desktop virtualization


Telecom, basically being exchange of all types of information or data such as voice, video or data transmission through internet, is a basic profile of ever company to expand their reach and work throughout. We help you in doing so. We provide infrastructure for telecom to connect people, their work and requirements over a long distance over internet.


 SIP and VOIP technology services
 Unified communications
 Providing multiple protocols benefits
 Operations Support System (OSS)
 Call management

System Integration

A complete system integration solution is a must if a business wants to establish healthy connectivity across the market and be free from meshed connections across the firm. Dab readily provides the right integration solutions required to enhance connectivity and tackles respective challenges. This also helps you in reducing the cost, resources and time. We make use of all possible system integration tools to help your business grow and improve the statistics


 Linux and MS based Authentication Servers 
 Server Cluster Solutions
 Mail, and Proxy Servers
 Version Controlling Solutions 
 Database Solutions
 Web Server Solutions
 Document Management Systems
 Mail, and Proxy Servers
 Application Server Integration
 Enterprise wide work flow automation using SharePoint.
 ERP Solution Integration and Implementation
 Support for Enterprise Applications

Storage & Backup Solution

To cope up the growing data storage needs that a business faces, Dab technologies have come up with experienced hands on providing storage solutions for your business benefits. With us you will be able to optimize data management, increase performances, quicker your access to data, irrespective of data size and type, temporary or permanent; we will make it easier for you to work on it comfortably and conveniently. Moreover we help you do all this according to your choice and with cost effectiveness.


 SAN Storage
 Network iSCSI
 Backup and Restoration solutions
 Data Migration
 Network Attached Storage

Website Development

Dab technologies has a team of experienced professionals who expertise in website development and relative aspects and work on various web technologies for our clients. We are here to provide a complete strategy design, plan and develop website for you to expand your business or organization in speedy way and represent its detail worthily through our different website development techniques and tools. Our service is time efficient hence, time bound and not longing to complete, flexible, efficient and cost effective too.


 Web graphics solution 
 Using recent and advanced technologies
 Search Engine Optimization usage
 Customized website designs
 Content Management Systems(CMS)
 Logo development

Software Development and Customization

Dab technologies offer design and development of required and meaningful software to their clients according to their requirements and demands. We follow all approaches to develop software that includes different software development cycles, software project management, processes, designing methods, effective use of programming tools and languages. Dab focuses on total research, customization, maintenance and modifications throughout the designing and deploying the software.


 Server application development
 User Experience (UX) design and prototyping
 All SDLC usage
 Software project management
 Software modifications
 Software maintenance

Hardware Computing Sector

Dab is also largely engaged in hardware sector and hardware as a service. We provide and are indulged in assembling and processing computer hardware and computer peripherals. We provide products in cost effective range and as per requirements in case of quality and quantity. Our team of dedicated members will provide a bit by bit assistance to all your queries. Any kind of hardware you want, you have difficulty dealing in, you need assistance for, and Dab is just a call away to help you solve it.


 Web graphics solution 
 Using recent and advanced technologies
 Search Engine Optimization usage
 Customized website designs
 Content Management Systems(CMS)
 Logo development

Data Center

A good Data center solution provides an organization with myriad benefits if solution chosen wisely. We help our clients to automate and fasten their operations and work standards, lower the handling risks, reduce the burden and obstructions of the workforce, take system run to high level and reduce complexity. We completely design, deploy and manage solutions with help of our experienced professionals that will suit your system strategy and gives you advantage of affordability and flexibility too!


 Disaster Recovery facilities
 Enterprise Resource planning
 Consolidated Data Center
 Virtual Data Center
 Converged infrastructure



With growing confidence and experience, Dab Technologies successfully launched MYDIGICARE, a premier online marketing platform meant for promotional services. MYDIGICARE provides expert consultation and solution on market research, market analysis and promotions. It is our experienced professional’s hard work that helped us succeed in this project and bring to you a perfect solution for your marketing issues, MYDIGICARE! 

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  • Share a 2G/3G1 connection, compatible with LTE/HSPA+/UMTS/EVDO 2G/3G Connection
  • Compact Design, light and small enough Size
  • Plug and Play Deployment
  • 2G/3G fail-over Guarantees an “always-Online” Secure Connection
  • USB Power adapter for power supply
  • Support to multiple ISP’s i.e. BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea
  • Compatible multi server connectivity
  • Facility available antenna extension
  • Support to centralized device monitoring and management
  • Easy to replacement
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Industries / Clientele

Dab Technologies, with its dedication and up to mark solutions and services has earned the trust of many organizations of variant industrial fields and thus partners with many of them.

Our key factors such as technological expertise, experience, efficient strategies, customer centric approaches and resourcefulness plays a vital role in fulfilling an organizations regulatory compliances, tackling the operational issues and driving the business to a higher level along with customers satisfaction.

Dab has worked with following sectors:

  • Government
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • IT/ITes
  • Healthcare
  • Food and Beverages
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Facility Management

Few of our clients

Privacy Policy

Dab Technologies notifies and is clear about the processing done on the data we gather from you. For us, security of your data is our priority and we assure you that we safeguard your personal data and all information assets from unlawful sharing and misuse in any form. We respect your privacy rights and the choices of users on what information to provide and seek, also how personal that provided information will be. We allow users to view and check upon the veracity of every bit of data collected by the company and its processing, thus providing transparency in and out. Dab follows and practices every business law and regulations and encourages the entire workforce to do so. We do not support unlawful and wrong ways to work on data. 

We stand enthusiastically by your side for your business growth and hope to be in a long run with you by providing you all our products, services and solutions. In case you want to unsubscribe your name from our marketing lists by writing us at

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